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Parent Studios Co-op Program:

Over the past two years we have worked closely with Algonquin College’s photography program and Ottawa high schools to create a dynamic and instructive co-op program that will teach students the inside workings of a photography business.  Our program is designed to take students threw the whole process of learning photography, building, maintaining and growing a photography career.  Whether the student is pursuing photography as a hobby, part-time source of income or a full time career will will guide them threw the steps to meet their personal goals as photographers.  We break the program down into three stages.

1.  Learning photography:

In the first stage we teach students the fundamentals of photography and wedding photography.  Covering the science of light, camera functions, focal lengths and all the other basics.

2.  Photo Editing and File Management:

Students will learn the basics of Photoshop and Lightroom.  How to selective edit, batch edit, catalog management and backing up their libraries.

3. Web design and marketing:

Here we will cover the creation and maintenance of websites, image display, blogging.  They will learn to use social media and WordPress content management system.

Our goal is to provide Ottawa photography students a chance to learn about the photography industry by assisting our studio in daily operations.  We believe in a hands on approach to running a studio.  By helping us run our business you better learn how to run your own business.  We offer assistance to photographers from all backgrounds and interests.  Whether you are interested in making photography a full time career or just keeping as a hobby.  We would love to work together with you.  If interested in joining the program just send us an email through our contact page.


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