Do I get to choose where I get my pictures printed?

Yes all of our wedding clients walk away with fully edited high resolution digital files of all their chosen wedding photos (You choose what we edit). This gives clients full printing and distribution rights to their images. Some people worry about varying print results at different print companies. Today industry standards have become so tight that printing differences are negligible. We do offer printing services and album design. Most of our clients prefer to do their own or seek out an album maker. We also suggest a variety of places to our clients.

Will I have access to every single photo taken on my wedding day?

You will receive a high-resolution copy of every image captured at your wedding. Often photographers attempt to refine the selection of pictures you receive, and only give you what they feel are the best pictures. We know you want to see every picture taken, so we give you every picture.

Do we have access to the digital negatives (RAW files)?

If requested, you may have all the digital negatives (RAW files) at no extra charge.

How long after the wedding/event will the photos be ready?

Clients get their photos within 3-5 weeks of the shoot date. Timing depends mainly on how busy we are.

Can I have high and low-resolution copies of my pictures?

Yes. We give you both a high and low-resolution copy of all your pictures. High resolution is for printing and low resolution is for posting online (Facebook) and emailing.

Do you put a time limit on how many hours you photograph?

We know you don’t want to be watching the clock or worrying about added cost on your wedding day. A full day coverage package. This package is really a “untill the job is done” type of coverage. We don’t leave weddings until we are dismissed by a couple.

Can I have a second photographer?

We do offer a second photographer if you request. The added charge goes straight to the second photographer. We earn no revenue off our 2nd photographers. Our second photographers all must fit a very specific criteria. First they must be passionate about wedding photography, then they must have a minimum level of professional photography equipment and they must have proper social skills.

How will you be dressed?

The photographer will wear anything from a tuxedo to a black dress shirt, depending on your preference.

What happens if our photographer becomes ill or injured and is unable to photograph my wedding?

We have a policy to first refund your deposit. We always have a photographer on call. If something where ever to happen on the day of your wedding the photographer on call would be ready to go. This has never happened but we feel its essential for photographers to have a plan B in case of their own injury or illness.

*** Important Note:

*The reason it’s so crucial to get the high resolution files from your

photographer is because albums and prints fade, get damaged or

even lost over time. In ten years from now when you want to make

another album or get more prints, you don’t want to have to track

down your wedding photographer. And what if you can’t locate

your photographer, your photos could be lost forever. Be safe and

make sure you get the high resolution files. You never know what

might happen to your prints and albums over time.

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