Wedding at The Marshes

Last summer I had the opportunity to shoot Deric and Sarah’s wedding at the Marshes Golf and Country Club. I must say this was one of my favourite wedding venues of the season. Great locations for photos, lots of nice gardens, a really cool tunnel, nice stone work, and some train tracks. One of the biggest challenges as a photographer is working with tough locations but at The Marshes its easy to find great places to shoot.

Here is a post that our co-op student Alex Sarna wrote about The Marshes:

The Marshes golf course is one of the nation’s nicest golf courses available. It is Ottawa’s leading facility and brings a very fine event experience for people planning a special event. This course was designed by golfers to be used by other golfers. Because of the unique design of the course, it allows the golfer to move around quickly and enjoy the game. The Marshes pays serious attention to quality and detail. The golf course welcomes golfers of all abilities.

The Garden Terrace Rooms can accommodate 150 people. They are composed of 3 rooms. Each room can hold about 50 people. The rooms are ideal for events, meetings and seminars. Each room has a nice view of the clubhouse gardens. The atmosphere is rich and very relaxing. The decor has stunning finishes that have beautifully selected natural colours.

The Marshes clubhouse hosts all kinds of events such as weddings, meetings and tournaments. They have a nice ceremony room and cozy lounge that has the perfect atmosphere for guests and players to relax after a long event or game. The Marshes also offer food services at the Ironstone Grill for a terrific dining experience. The elegant stonework and lighting relaxes people as soon as they enter.

At the Marshes, golf is not just a game. It is also considered a business opportunity or a social gathering. They offer different kinds of packages to suit everyone’s budget. Some packages combine an overnight stay at the Brookstreet Hotel.

The Marshes | Ottawa Wedding VenueThe Marshes Country Club | Ottawa Wedding Venues

Andrea and Mark’s Strathmere Wedding

2 years ago I was contacted by Andrea and Mark about shooting their wedding this past summer at Strathmere | Ottawa Wedding Venue. I knew after meeting them that it was going to be an fun and easy going wedding. After many months of waiting we finally got to their wedding day this past August. What made this day so unique wasn’t only the great couple, great location but also the unique lighting that day. It rained all morning and then just as we went out for portraits the rain stopped and left us with a beautiful soft light that was really great for photos. Here are some of the photos from the portrait session along with a little write-up about Strathmere. Thanks to our Co-op Student Alex Sarna for the information about Strathmere. We highly recommends Strathmere Lodge for your wedding and events.

Strathmere is Ottawa’s 200 acre country retreat on a farm. It is located in North Gower, Ontario approximately 25 minutes from Ottawa. It has been in business for over 30 years and hosts many kinds of events such as weddings, mother’s day brunches, holidays and corporate events. Thousands of people come to Strathmere every year because of their reputation for providing high quality hospitality services at reasonable prices.

Their facilities include 2 major event sites and 36 bedrooms. Their services include event planning, catering, accommodation and administration services. Strathmere is proud to deal with their clients in a friendly, ethical and caring way. They are also committed to giving their clients the best value for their money. Barbecues, dinners, garden parties, teachers parties, holiday and family gatherings are also featured.

Some of the activities that they provide include swimming, bonfires, road hockey, riding bicycles and volleyball courts. This is to ensure that all the visitors will have a nice time with their families. It offers several wedding styles such as winter weddings, weddings in season and dream weddings.

Photos by Ryan Parent

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Ottawa Photographer’s Co-op Program

Parent Studios has been working for two years now towards creating a co-op program with Algonquin’s photography program and local Ottawa high schools. We are offering a hands on approach while teaching the students the basics of photography (lighting, lens, camera functions), photo editing and file management as well as web design and marketing. The program offers assistance to photographers of various backgrounds and interests. Whether the student is interested in photography as a hobby, a part-time job or a full-time career, Parent Studio will ensure that they will know how to be able to run their own business by the end of the program. If interested in joining the program, feel free to send us an e-mail through our contact page.

This year’s high school student was JoAnnie Lefebvre. She is 16 years old with the interest of pursuing photography as a career. Here’s a blog by JoAnnie.

I’ve always had a passion for the arts. It’s influenced my life greatly, whether it’s dance or visual arts, I have always been a part of me. It’s such an important part, that I’ve dedicate my four years of high school to the Specialized Arts Program in the Visual Arts as well as focus the last two years for obtaining a Major Highly Specialized in Arts and Culture. A program which enables me to receive a diploma with the seal of the program which is recognized by many universities and offers many avantages when it comes to studies in the field of choice. This program is offered for students who are in the Specialized Arts Program in visual, musical or dramatic arts and wants or is thinking about pursuing a career in the arts. Boursaries are offered specifically for these students. As well as completing two co-op credits, there are many courses offered with the program like first aid and fall prevention. There are also other classes like event planning taken one of the two years of the program.

I try my hand at different aspects of visual arts like sketching, painting and photo creations/editing and photography. I guess growing up with picturesque scenery like Rocky Mountains and gorgeous national parks in Alberta and travels around Canada had it’s hand in my artistic influences. It became more of a passion during my grade 10 so I decided to enroll in the Majors in Arts and Culture Program which gives me the opportunity to do a co-op in a field of visual arts that interests me. I had many different ideas of domaines where I wanted to do my co-op, such as interior design, graphic design, photography and event planning. I started researching different places that I could do a co-op placement starting at the beginning of september. It was a long process that had it’s highs and lows and it took a lot of time and effort on my part and my co-op teacher. Which is why when Ryan Parent Photography agreed to accept me as a co-op student, it was a great reward to the many hours put in finding it. I had the support and encouragement of my co-op teacher and all of my art teachers. I still remember what my art teacher told me when I started talking about my new co-op placement, it was rare that photographers accept students and that I was very lucky for this opportunity. I do consider myself lucky to have this placement and have as much freedom with it. What I liked about working with a photographer is that I’m able to work from home, the hours are very flexible, I get to meet interesting new people and I’m always somewhere new. I’ve had the chance to wander around the downtown core, around parliament, along the Ottawa river and the Glebe. Another great part of my co-op is the unknowing of where I’m going to be from one day to the next as well as the freedom to experiment with different techniques and differents types of photoshoots and not feeling rushed to do something. Overall, it reflects my style and personality: very social, creative and laidback. It’s only been a few months now since I’ve started my co-op and have learn alot and I hope to keep learning throughtout my placement. Since starting my placement back in September, I have done photoshoots with models, architecture, nature, kids, animals, and some standard studio photoshoots as well as working on my website.

Here’s a couple of photos taken by JoAnnie and an engagement shoot last month. This was her first ever engagement shoot!

Photo by Co-op Student Jo-Annie

To see more info on our page on the Ottawa Photographers Co-op Program

Guest post by Alan Viau the Wedding Officiant

Over the past few weeks I have been asking some of my favorite vendors if they would be interested in writing a guest blog post for my blog. When I spoke with Alan he jumped on the opportunity. I always enjoy working with him. If you are still looking for an officiant make sure you contact Alan. He will make your ceremony exactly how you dreamed.

Making your wedding ceremony picture perfect:

The typical on-location wedding that I conduct lasts about 20 minutes. To the couple, it will seem like an instant. They will rely on the wedding photography to remember the moment in the years to come. I work very closely with photographers like Ryan to ensure that the best memories are captured.

Most experienced photographers have run into the church minister, who often decrees that no photographs are to be taken during the ceremony. The couple may get one or two furtively taken photos of their ceremony. Unfortunately, some of the best moments where the couple commit to each other and show the emotional bond between them will be lost.

I work closely with Ryan so that all the best memories can be captured. I want it to be a picture perfect wedding. I make it a priority to plan the wedding shots with Ryan before the wedding. This I know that the couple will have cherished photos of the ceremony.
Over the years, I learned the following really helps capture the special moments:

I discuss what’s happening:

This is a simple practice that I do just before the wedding starts. I go through the ceremony, highlighting special events, such as readers or rituals like the Unity Sand Ceremony. Then Ryan knows what is coming up. I also give him the cues for key times in the ceremony, like when the couple will kiss.

I work with Ryan on the visuals:

On-location weddings can offer some challenges for photography. I work to ensure that we have the best light for the couple and a suitable background. I want to ensure we have the best possible shot available. Before the ceremony starts, I ask Ryan about all the angles that will be best and adapt what I can.

You won’t see me in the background of your key moment shots:

In most wedding photos, you see the minister in the background during the kiss. Sometimes, the photographer will be clever and hide the minister behind the groom. All these are awkward compromises. I instruct the couple to hold the kiss for ten seconds, and then I just step out of the way. The result is a beautiful photo of the couple’s first kiss at the wedding ceremony. Keep it simple, just a nice embrace and smooch.
The feedback I get from couples is phenomenal. The bride and groom are so appreciative of the attention that has been placed on making their day memorable and picture perfect.

If you’re interested in learning more about Alan, check out his website: Ottawa Wedding Officiant | Alan Viau

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This is a shot from Lori and Roberto’s Wedding on April 30th, 2011 at the Blessed Sacrament in Ottawa.

Photo by: Ryan Parent

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Winter Wedding on Wedding Bells Website

A few weeks ago I got an email from a couple saying that Wedding Bells had posted their wedding pictures on the website. I remember first meeting with Josh and Kat and thinking they were one cool couple. The wedding took place at Strathmere in Ottawa. I always find winter weddings quite romantic. The fire burning, a giant Christmas tree, butternut squash soup… oh man I can still taste the food!

Since the wedding I have become friends with Josh and Kat and we continue to stay in touch. There is nothing I like more than becoming friends with a couple after their wedding.

Thanks guys for such a memorable wedding! Click below for a link to the feature.

(Kat and Josh’s wedding on Wedding Bells)

A Photographer’s Perspective on Orchard View Weddings

Orchard View Wedding & Conference Center offers both indoor and outdoor weddings, promising natural and beautiful options for your wedding photography. The location is approximately 20 minutes south of downtown Ottawa, and can accommodate anywhere from 10 to 400 guests (indoor weddings) and 50 to 2500 guests for outdoor weddings.

The lake, the gazebo and the bridge offer several opportunities for great photographic composition, making your wedding album stand out. Whether your wedding is in the spring, summer, winter or fall, Orchard View promises great photographic opportunities.

Orchard View | Manotick Wedding Venue

 Orchard View Wedding and Conference Centre

Wedding at The Chateau Laurier

The Chateau Laurier is in-arguably one of Ottawa’s most elegant and prestigious venues for a wedding ceremony. It was built between 1909 and 1912 for travelers stopping at Ottawa’s Union Station right across the street, and developed into one of Canada’s most prominent Hotels in 1923 when the Grand Trunk became part of the Canadian National Railway. Since then it has played host to thousands of special events and housed many elite members of society; ranging from distinguished political figures and heads of state to celebrities and royalty visiting from overseas. For many years Ottawa Photographer Yousuf Karsh, one of the world’s most well-known and accomplished portrait photographers, resided and maintained his studio within the Chateau’s walls.

Last summer I had the privilege of covering Heather and Geoff’s wedding here. It was definitely one of my funnest weddings of the year.
Their laid back attitude made the day so fun. Here are a couple shots I took outside.

Bushra and Asif Pre-Wedding Party

First off I would like to apologize for not keeping my blog up to date over this summer. We’ve had a really busy year, now that the 2010 wedding season is over we’ll be able to share some of our new photos. Keep your eyes out for new posts over the next couple weeks.

Last year I had the privilege of being invited to take photos at my first Bangladeshi engagement party. Bushra and Asif were so much fun to work with and I loved their creative input into the final product. I always consider clients ideas when photographing, since my ultimate goal is to make the bride and groom happy with their photos. After shooting the engagement party I was invited to photograph their wedding as well. It was a huge production, complete with 3 days of events. On the first day there was a party for 400 guests held at brides parents house. The party was complete with amazing food, a DJ, live entertainment and decorations like I’ve never scene before.

Here are some of my favorite photos from Day 1 of the wedding.

Thanks again for stopping by my blog and stay tuned for lots more to come!

Photos will be loaded soon! Blog still under construction.

Bushra and Asif’s Pre-Wedding Party


Teriq and Reales Wedding

Here are a few of my favorite shots from Teriq and Reales wedding. The were such a great couple to work with.  Their ceremony was at Lago, then we went to the National Art Gallery for formal shots and finally ended up at Centurion Hall for the reception. Any brides looking at locations I highly recommend these 3 places. The bottom photo was taken by my second photographer Charles.

National Art Gallery | Ottawa

National Art Gallery | Ottawa

Engagement Session at Mackenzie King Estate

Here are some shots from Rebbecca and Bryden’s engagement session. We decided on Mackenzie King Estate. Being my first time shooting there I was quite excited to try out this new location. It turned out to be one of my favorite spots to photograph at. Brides out there looking for a cool location for their wedding or engagement session definitely have a look here. Even if you are looking for a romantic place to go on a date, hands down this is my favorite spot. Any photographers in Ottawa looking for a place to bring your brides and grooms check this place out!

Mackenzie King Estate Information